Affordable Options

Facial Recognition systems that will fit your needs. we offer small single camera entrances to medium business sizes to large-scale enterprise operations. Secure your location with the newest technology available and scale-up as you grow and as your budget allows.

Simple System Structure

We offer different cameras that work seamlessly with the NVR and Facial Recognition Software. It is easy to deploy and is at an affordable price-point so that it can be easily integrated into your surveillance system budgets.

Exceptional Performance

The technology offers 24-hour color recognition even in low light situations. Ultra Starlight combined with integrated white-light illumination allows the face detection camera to provide a colorful and 24-hour image so that the accuracy rate can be dramatically improved. The True Facial Recognition cameras capture up to 7 different points of the face can capture up to 12
faces simultaneously.

Feature Filled

The technology is advanced, but the interface is easy-to-operate with the user-friendly GUI. There are many feature filled functions such as Face-Tracking, Real-Time Alarm, Face Database Management, Face-Information Statistics and
much more!

Where Can You Use Facial Recognition?

Schools, College Campuses, Airports, Apartment Complexes, Hospitals, Banks, Malls, Stores, Hotels, Community Centers and so much More! The technology is affordable for any application!
Start small and expand as you need!


Use True Facial Recognition and Facial Recognition cameras together in a system
to get the best results.